Nära plats i mitt Dream Team



Radhika Balakrishnan, USA/Indien

Jamila Raqib, USA/Pakistan (?)

Rachael Nyadak Paul, South Sudan


Alf Hornborg, Sweden

Joanna Macy, USA

Erik Dammann, Norway

Shirin Ebadi, Iran

Noeleen Heyzer, Singapore/USA/UK (right defenders coach)

Born 1948, has worked for many years with the UN Women’s Fund UNIFEM and has strengthened women’s rights around the world. She was Deputy Secretary-General of the UN between 2007 and 2015, she has worked to strengthen the role of women and young people, she has also been involved in environmental and climate issues. For example, she has been UN Special Adviser in East Timor and helped with peace-building processes and sustainable development there, peace work in Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan and has worked with the situation of women in Afghanistan. She has received many awards – not least in Singapore. She was one of the thousand women who were nominated for Nobel’s peace prise in 2005.

Vandana Shiva, Indien

John Pilger

Nawal al-Sadawi, Egypten


Dalai Lama, Tibet/China

Muhammad Yunus, Bangladesh

Sir David Attenborough, United Kingdom

Chai Ling, China

Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala (libero)

Joênia Wapixana, Brasilien

Aung San Suu Kyi (coach balansspelare)

Tim Jackson, UK (coach mittfältsstrateg)

Martha C. Nussbaum, USA (coach mittfältsstrateg)

Edna Adan (Ismail), Somalia/Somaliland (coach offensiv mittfältare)

Elizabeth ”Betita” Martinez, USA (coach)

Muhammad Yunus, Bangladesh (coach)




Människor som i sina liv påverkat mänskligheten på betydande sätt, som med sin personlighet, envishet och goda vilja fungerar som starka ledstjärnor för oss nu och för lång tid framåt.


Astrid Lindgren, Sverige


Bogaletch ”Boga” Gebre, Ethiopia


Dag Hammarskjöld, Sverige


Henry A. Wallace, USA


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Indien


Nelson Mandela, Sydafrika


Tahar Haddad, Tunisien, se bok av Delvin Arsan: De tystade rösterna, s 322-327.


Wangari Maathai, Kenya


My dream team

As a football nerd it’s fun to build up a dream team. ”Players” with the characteristics needed at each position on a football pitch. With full staff and leadership all around the team.

In total, I have gathered 50 global role models here, which make up my dream team. If we study and learn from the individuals in this team, we can mature as human beeings and together solve the problems that we’re now facing in the world, this is my faith and my hope. We will be unbeatable and therefore overcome all our opponents who impedes the development of ”As good as possible for as many as possible”. And contribute to a world we can believe in, in a deeper sense.

Here’s how I think about the team:

  • A dazzling initial lineup (11 role models)
  • Powerful reserves, competing for place in the first eleven (22 role models)
  • Personal trainers (11 role models)
  • Head coach (1 role model)
  • Assistant coaches (5 role models)
  • The team has the lineup 1 – 4 – 3 – 3. Goalkeeper – defenders, midfielders and forwards.


  1. Goalkeeper

Which characteristics am I looking for in my goalkeeper?

  • The goalkeeper is an important part of the team, the basic ground, the backbone. What basic ground do humanity need? I’d say it’s very much about feeling safe. Too many people in the world are lacking this security. Mostly women. Therefore we need a goalkeeper that protects these rights. With strength and intelligence.


First choice: Waris Dirie, Somalia



Second choice: Rebecca Lolosoli, Kenya


Third choice: Usha Narayane, India



2. Defenders

Which characteristics am I looking for in my defenders?

  • People who defend things necessary to live ”a good life”. Human rights in general. Women’s rights. Childrens Rights. Sustainable Development.
  • As right defender, I envisage representatives of ”good” organizations that strive to defend basic human rights. Like, for example, the UN, which has worked out conventions on human rights and works globally to implement them. Like Amnesty, FIAN and Doctors Without Borders, who work for human rights in different ways. Like Friends of the Earth, who work for a sustainable world.
  • As a mid defender/libero, I think we need someone who represent law and order. Which defends the individual’s right to a good life. Human rights lawyers. Especially those who have chosen to defend particularly vulnerable groups, such as women in patriarchal structures.
  • As a marking defender, I think we need a person who reviews our world and highlight when some groups of people are maltreated. Which persistently reveals power structures and oppressive structures and highlight exploitation in daylight. It can be profound journalists. Or writers or other social thinkers and debaters. Or whistleblowers.
  • As left defender, I search for persons who defend certain categories of people who otherwise may not meet their needs. It can be ethnic minorities. Handicapped. Women’s and childrens’s rights in cultures where traditional customs are stronger than basic human rights. Etc. etc.

2a. Right defender

First choice : Anna Neistat, Russia


Second choice: Sofía Monsalve Suárez, Germany/Colombia

Born in 1969. Colombian until 2002, from there on german citizen.

Secretary General in FIAN – Foodfirst Information and Action Network.


Third choice: Karin Nansen, Uruguay


2b. Mid defender/libero

First choice: Hauwa Ibrahim, Nigeria

Second choice: Sandra Gomes Melo, Brazil


Third choice: Shadi Sadr, Iran


2c. Marking defender

First choice: Lydia Cacho, Mexico

Second choice: Rana Husseini, Jordan


Third choice: Edward Snowden, USA


2d. Left defender

First choice: Neema Namadamu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Second choice: Nadia Murad, Iraq

Third choice: Kanako Otsuji, Japan


3. Midfielders

Which characteristics am I looking for in my midfielders?

  • I want to have three persons in my inner midfield, first a defensive balance player who represents safety and security when the opponents attack. Then a strategist, a creative playmaker that participates a lot in the game. finally an offensive midfielder, a strong force that push the limits forward.
  • As balance player, I look for people who work for peaceful, inclusive communities. People who have, with courage and integrity, influenced the situation of countries, from war or other disruptive activities to a better society where there is ”balance” and people feel safe. It may be extraordinary persons who have done this, or perhaps significant politicians or other rulers who through their position have greatly contributed to a positive development.
  • As a strategist, I seek people who, with their thinking and visionary ability, have influenced people in a wiser direction. It may be economists who highlight alternative macro models of the economy that could better solve the problems the world faces, such as world poverty, the distortion of wealth and the exploitation of natural resources. It can also be representatives of the global justice movement, which strives for ”another world”, a better world – not least for those who have a hard time. Often it is an author – who has presented her vision, her model in literary form and thus shown us others in different ways of thinking.
  • As an offensive prod, I seek people who, with stubbornness and charisma, fight particularly difficult exploitation. This applies to female genital mutilation, to trafficking, to child soldiers and to similar brutal degradation of women and children.


3a. Balance player

First choice: Leymah Gbowee, Liberia


Second choice: Binalakshmi Nepram, India


Third choice: Valentina Sagala, Indonesia


3b. Strategist, playmaker

First choice: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, USA


Second choice: Kate Raworth, United Kingdom


Third choice: Yuan Yang, China/United Kingdom


3c. Offensive midfielder

First choice: Loujain al-Hathloul, Saudiarabia


Second choice: Somaly Mam, Kambodja


Third choice: Rebecca Gomperts, Netherlands


4. Forwards

Which characteristics am I looking for in my forwards?

A powerful attack is important. Players who with their charisma affect millions of people. Strong persons who show us that ”Of course it is possible”. Individuals who step forward with confidence and give all of us hope and inspiration.

As a right wing, I want a character who represents sustainable development.

As a center forward, I want to see outstanding persons, who are like a rubble that forces the opponents’ defense.

As a left wing, I want players who represent education. Not least education for people who have been denied education of oppressive structures.


4a. Right wing

First choice: Greta Thunberg, Sweden

Second choice: Rob Hopkins, United Kingdom

Third choice: Dr. Filka Sekulova, Bulgaria


4b. Center forward

First choice: Serena Williams, USA


Second choice: Alaa Murabit, Libya/Canada


Third choice: Nayla al-Khaja, United Arab Emirates


4c. Left wing

First choice: Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan

Second choice: Neema Mgana, Tanzania


Third choice: Charm Tong, Burma




Which characteristics am I looking for in my trainers and leaders?

Experienced people who, through a long life filled with significant good efforts, served as great role models for considerable parts of humanity.

Personal trainers (11)


(goalkeepers coach)



Yoke Ling Chee, Malaysia (right defenders coach)


Guo Jianmei, China (libero coach)


Marina Walker Guevara, Argentina (marking defenders coach)



Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemala (left defenders coach)


Joy Ada Onyesoh, Nigeria (balance players coach)



Naomi Klein, Canada (playmakers coach)


Najat Maalla M’jid, Morocco (offensive midfielders coach)


Loren Legarda, Philippines (right wings coach)


Juliette Binoche (centers coach)


Dr. Unity Dow, Botswana (left wings coach)



HEAD COACH and leader staff (6)

Head coach: Dr Denis Mukwege, Democratic Republic of Congo

One last outpost that stands strong as a furrow in the wind. When it gets cold, there are people who stand up for the good, who help the weak and vulnerable. War, brutal repression, exploitation, then we need role models beyond the ordinary. Persons with courage beyond imagination whom radiate irrepressible power. Dr Mukwege is a true rock.


Assistant coaches:

Liv Strömquist, Sweden

Tran Thi Lanh, Vietnam


Roshaneh Zafar, Pakistan


Evo Morales, Bolivia


Sherin Khankan, Denmark


1000 förebilder – lista

Lista över mina 1000 förebilder

(obs, justeras allt eftersom, kan i någon mån vara inaktuell)



Elkouria “Rabab” Amidane, Västsahara

Ibtissam Lachgar, Marocko
Fatima Mernissi, Marocko
Najat M’jid, Marocko
Souad Slaoui, Marocko

Nassira Belloula, Algeriet
Soumeya Lerari, Algeriet
Lakhdar, Brahimi, man, Algeriet
Louisa Hanoune, Algeriet
Salima Ghezali, Algeriet

Lina Ben Mhenni, Tunisien
Amira Yahyaoui, Tunisien
Sihem Bensedrine, Tunisien

Alaa Murabit, Libyen/Kanada
Farida Allaghi, Libyen

Abeer Saady, Egypten,
Asmaa Mahfouz, Egypten
Engy Ghozlan, Egypten
Esraa Abdel Fattah, Egypten
Mahienour El-Masry, Egypten
Mozn Hassan, Egypten
Ragia Omran, Egypten
Maggie Gobran, ”Mama Maggie”, Egypten
Mohamed El Baradei, man, Egypten

Vera Duarte, Kap Verde

Azza Mint Moma, Mauretanien
Biram Dah Abeid, man, Mauretanien

Dr. Safiatou Thiam, Senegal
Christiane Johnson, Senegal/Benin
Khady Koïta, Senegal

Hannah Forster, Gambia
Adamo Barrow, man, Gambia

Elisa Tavares Pinto, Guinea-Bissau
Macaria Barai, Guinea-Bissau

Rainatou Sow, Guinea/Storbritannien
Cissé Hadja Mariama Sow, Guinea
Hélène Koklou Zogbelemou, Guinea

FannyAnn Eddy, Sierra Leone
Zainab Bangura (=Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura), Sierra Leone

Vaiba Kebeh Flomo, Liberia
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia

Abiba Lofougongnon Ouattara, Elfenbenskusten
Dandi Lou Hélène Amanan, Elfenbenskusten
Freedom Neruda, man, Elfenbenskusten
Lotti Latrous, Elfenbenskusten/Schweiz

Dembélé Mariam Sidibé, Mali
Dialia Keita, Mali
Sidibé Aminata Diallo, Mali

Chantal Marie Rachelle Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso
Katrin(e) Rohde, Burkina Faso/Tyskland
Rosine Coulibaly, Burkina Faso

Afua Hirsch, Ghana/Norge/Storbritannien
Julianna Dogbadzi, Ghana
Efua Dorkenoo (=Mama Efua), Ghana/Storbritannien
Kofi Annan, man, Ghana

Farida Nabourema, Togo
Fauziya Kassindja, Togo/USA

Angelique Kidjo, Benin/Frankrike
Rissi Assani-Alabi, Benin (eller Kongo-Brazzaville??)
Maître Marie-Elise Gbedo, Benin

Hadizatou Issa Iyayi, Niger
Mariama Keïta, Niger
Souna Hadizatou Diallo, Niger

Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Nigeria/Storbritannien
Dorothée (Cesnabmihlo) Akenova, Nigeria
Esther Ibanga, Nigeria
Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria
Hauwa Ibrahim, Nigeria
Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, Nigeria
Judith Amaechi, Nigeria
Manuela George-Izunwa, Nigeria
Mausi Segun, Nigeria
Obiageli (”Oby”) Ezekwesili, Nigeria
Olufunke Baruwa, Nigeria
Safiya Hussaini (Tungar Tudu), Nigeria
Dr. Lydia Umar, Nigeria
Elsie Ijorogu-Reed, Nigeria
Joy (Ada) Onyesoh, Nigeria
Ken Saro-Wiwa, man, Nigeria
Limota Goroso Giwa (Hajiya), Nigeria
Ngozi (Uchenna) Eze, Nigeria
Nnimmo Bassey, man, Nigeria

Achta Djibrine Sy, Tchad
Jacqueline Moudeina, Tchad
Nadjo Kaina, man, Tchad

Amna Abd El Rahman Abd El Rasoul, Sudan (eller Sydsudan?)
Anita Batris Amiro, Sudan
Halima Bashir, Sudan
Lubna (Ahmed) al-Hussein, Sudan
Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, man, Sudan

Awut Deng Acuil (=Awak Deng?), Sydsudan
Rachael Nyadak Paul, Sydsudan
Agnes Wasuk Petia, Sydsudan

Dr. Daniel Rezene, man, Eritrea
Elsa Chyrum, Eritrea

Billene Seyoum Woldeyes, Etiopien
Maaza Mengiste, Etiopien/USA
Mahdere Paulos, Etiopien
Meaza Ashenafi, Etiopien
Reeyot Alemu, Etiopien
Yetnebersh Nigussie, Etiopien
Abebech Gobena, Etiopien
Bogaletch Gebre (Medhin), Etiopien
Mesfin Woldemariam, man, Etiopien
Netsanet Mengistu, Etiopien

Kadra Mahamoud Haid, Djibouti

Zam-zam Abdi, Somaliland/Somalia
Edna Adan (Ismail), Somaliland/Somalia

Asha Gelle Dirie, Somalia
Asha Hagi Elmi (=Elmi Asha Hagi Amin), Somalia
Dr. Hawa Aden Mohamed (=“Mama Hawa”), Somalia

Maria das Neves, Sao Tomé & Principe

Sylvie Ndongmo, Kamerun
Prudence Galega, Kamerun
Marie Beatrice Kenfack Tolevi, Kamerun

Béatrice Felicité Bobo, Centralafrikanska Republiken
Lea Ngaïdana, Centralafrikanska Republiken

María Nsué Angüe, Ekvatorialguinea

Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, Gabon/Frankrike
Marc Ona (Essangui), man, Gabon

Ida Moussa, Republiken Kongo
Madame Antoinette Sassou N’guesso, Republiken Kongo

Caddy Adzuba, DR Kongo
Chouchou Namegabe (Dubuisson), DR Kongo
Christiane Binja, DR Kongo
Gege Katana Bukuru, (”Iron Lady”), DR Kongo
Neema Namadamu, DR Kongo
Sister Angelique Namaika, DR Kongo
Annie Matundu-Mbambi, DR Kongo
Denis Mukwege, man, Demokratiska Republiken Kongo

Gladys Kalema Zikusoka, Uganda
Immaculate Nansubuga, Uganda
Jolly Grace Okot, Uganda
Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera (=Jacqueline Kasha), Uganda
Sheila Muwanga, Uganda

Nancy Tomee, Kenya
Rebecca Lolosoli, Kenya
Ruth Nyambura, Kenya
Tecla Wanjala, Kenya
Wangari Maathai, Kenya

Jacqueline Mukansonera, Rwanda
Esther Mujawayo, Rwanda
Godeliève Mukasarasi, Rwanda

Alice Nzomukunda, Burundi
Jeannine Nahigombeye, Burundi
Marie Rose Cimpaye, Burundi

Fatma Hamisi Misango, Tanzania
Neema Mgana, Tanzania
Rushda Hamisi Khassim, Tanzania
Anna Tibaijuka, Tanzania
Bibi Titi Mohammed, Tanzania

Jean Paul Isaac, man, Seychellerna

Aurea Mouzinho, Angola
Sizaltina Cutaia, Angola
Eunice Nangueve Inacio, Angola
Rafael Marques de Morais, man, Angola

Kavwumbu Hakachima, Zambia
Inonge (Mutukwa) Wina, Zambia
Victoria Kalima, Zambia

Pilirani Semu-Banda, Malawi
Felister Chinthunzi, Malawi
Joyce Banda, Malawi

Nzira de Deus, Mocambique
Abubacar Sultan, man, Mocambique
Graca Machel, Mocambique
Zaida Cabral, Mocambique

Sittou Raghadat Mohamed, Komorerna

Florentine Bodo Ramambasoa, Madagaskar
Gaby Razafindrakoto, Madagaskar
Lalao Florence Randriamampionona, Madagaskar
Zo Randriamaro, Madagaskar

Marie Lisette Talate, Mauritius

Justina (Ndaambelele) Shilongo, Namibia
Rosa Namises, Namibia

Alice Mogwe, Botswana
Dr. Unity Dow, Botswana

Betty Makoni, Zimbabwe
Kudawashe Chitsike, kallas ”Kuda”, Zimbabwe
Netsai Mushonga, Zimbabwe

Liesl Gerntholtz, Sydafrika
Nonhle Mbuthuma, Sydafrika
Desmond Tutu, man, Sydafrika
Nelson Mandela, man, Sydafrika
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Sydafrika

Lerato Ramaili Ramaholi, Lesotho
Mathamkaze Ramakau, Lesotho

Thulani Maseko, man, Swaziland



Dr. Anna Neistat, Ryssland
Elena Milashina, Ryssland
Fatima Gazieva, Ryssland/född i Kazakstan
Lidija Jusupova, Ryssland
Masha Gessen, Ryssland/USA
Nadezjda Tolokonnikova, Ryssland
Sapiyat Magomedova, Ryssland/Dagestan
Zarema Mukusheva, Ryssland/Kaukasus/Ingusjien
Anastasija Baburova, Ryssland
Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Ryssland/Ukraina
Lyudmila Varfolomeeva, Ryssland
Marina Pisklakova-Parker, Ryssland
Michail Gorbatjov, man, Ryssland
Natalja Estemirova, Ryssland

Bakhytzhan Toregozhina, Kazakstan
Irina Unzhakova, Kazakstan
Lazzat Ishmukhamedova, Kazakstan

Odonchimeg Puntsag, Mongoliet
Byats-Khandaa Jargal, Mongoliet

Irina Yanovskaya, Georgien
Nino Burjanadze (=Burdzhanadze), Georgien
Manana Mebuke, Abchazien/Georgien

Lira Tskhovrebova, Sydossetien

Khadija Ismayilova, Azerbajdzjan
Pervana Mammadova, Azerbajdzjan
Elmira Suleymanova, Azerbajdzjan

Svetlana Gannushkina, Nagorno-Karabach/Ryssland

Susan Jaghinyan, Armenien, involverad i Nagorno-Karabach.
Susanna Vardanyan, Armenien

Asli Erdogan, Turkiet
Nevin Öztop, Turkiet
Leyla Zana, Turkiet
Zeynep Kuray, Turkiet
Eren Keskin, Turkiet
Mehmet Baransu, man, Turkiet
Senal Sarihan, Turkiet
Yakin Ertürk, Turkiet

Maria Hadjipavlou, Nordcypern/Cypern

Mine Atli, Cypern

Bana Alabed (=Bana al-Abed), Syrien
Razan Zaitouneh, Syrien
Mazen Darwish, man, Syrien

Joumana Haddad, Libanon
Bahia Hariri, Libanon

Sahar Vardi, Israel
Anat Biletzki, Israel

Haneen Zoabi (ibland Zoubi), Palestina
Manal (Yaish) Zraiq, Palestina

Rana Husseini, Jordanien
Arije Al Amad, Jordanien
Wafa Bani Mustafa, Jordanien

Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, Saudiarabien
Loujain al-Hathloul, Saudiarabien
Manal al-Sharif, Saudiarabien
Raif Badawi, man, Saudiarabien

Tawakkul Karman, Jemen
Raqiya Humeidan, Jemen
Salwa al-Sarhi, Jemen
Shatha Al-Harazi, Jemen

Tiba Al Maoli, Oman
Habiba Al Hinai, Oman

Nayla Al Khaja, Förenade Arabemiraten
Reem Al Hashimi, Förenade Arabemiraten
Sheikha Lubna (Khalid Sultan) al Qasimi, Förenade Arabemiraten

Jiskala Khalayli, Qatar/Syrien
Moza al-Malki, Qatar

Faten Bushehri, Bahrain

Rula (eller Rola) Dashti, Kuwait
Lulwa al-Qatami, Kuwait

Nadia Murad, Irak
Hero Ahmad, Irak
Suaad Allami, Irak
Susan Ahmed-Böhme, Irak

Dr. Golbarg Bashi, Iran/Sverige
Maryam Namazie, Iran
Narges Mohammadi, Iran
Parvin Ardalan, Iran
Shadi Sadr, Iran
Shiva Nazar Ahari, Iran
Mansoureh Shojaee, Iran
Shirin Ebadi, Iran

Mubarak Gurbanova, Turkmenistan
Sona Chuli-Kuli, Turkmenistan

Mutabar Tadjibayeva, Uzbekistan
Umida Niyozova, Uzbekistan
Ahmadjan Madmarov, man, Uzbekistan
Jelena Urlaeva, Uzbekistan

Gulnara Derbisheva, Kirgizistan
Saadat Baigazieva, Kirgizistan

Bihodjal Rahimova, Tadzjikistan
Fatimakhon Ahmedova, Tadzjikistan

Malalai Joya, Afghanistan
Palwasha Hassan, Afghanistan
Sadiqa Basiri Saleem, Afghanistan
Sima Samar, Afghanistan

Akeela Naz, Pakistan
Humaira (Awais) Shahid, Pakistan/Kuwait
Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan
Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan
Nafisa Shah, Pakistan
Nasreen Awan, Pakistan
Roshaneh Zafar, Pakistan
Rubina Feroze Bhatti, Pakistan
Samar Minallah (Khan), Pakistan
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan/USA
Yasmin Karim, Pakistan
Anis Haroon, Pakistan
Ansar Burney, man, Pakistan
Asma Jahangir, Pakistan
Fareeda ”Kokikhel” Afridi, Pakistan
Ghulam Sughra, Pakistan
Hina Jilani, Pakistan
Kulsoom Farman, Pakistan
Nusrat Ara, Pakistan
Zohra Yusuf (Daoud), Pakistan

Akanksha Hazari, Indien
Bina Kalindi, Indien
Binalakshmi Nepram, Indien
Chekkottu Kariyan Janu, Indien
Dilafrose Qazi, Indien
Gayatri Buragohain, Indien
Hasina Kharbhih, Indien
Irom Chanu Sharmila, Indien
Jeroo Billimoria, Indien
Karuna Nundy, Indien
Kavita Krishnan, Indien
Kavita Ramdas, Indien
Kirthi Jayakumar, Indien
Komal Srivastava, Indien
Manasi Pradhan, Indien
Manjula Pradeep, Indien
Nandana Sen, Indien
Nasreen Bano, Indien
Priti Patkar, Indien
Priya (Parameswaran) Pillai, Indien
Ruchira Gupta, Indien
Sunitha Krishnan, Indien
Teesta Setalvad, Indien
Tiliya Devi, Indien
Usha Narayane, Indien
Amartya (Kumar) Sen, man, Indien
Anjali Gopalan, Indien
Ankit Kawatra, man, Indien
Jaya Arunachalam, Indien
Kailash Satyarthi, man, Indien
Kiran Bedi, Indien
Krishna Ahooja-Patel, Indien
Krishnammal Jaggannaathan, Indien
Lakshmi Puri, Indien
Lalita Ramdas, Indien
Lenin Raghuvanshi, man, Indien
Madhavi Kuckreja, Indien
Medha Patkar, Indien
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma), man, Indien
Neel Ghose, man, Indien
Omana T K, Indien
Radha Bhatt, Indien
Rani Bang, (Dr), Indien
Rashida Bee, Indien
Rekha Mody, Indien
Rita Sarin, Indien
Ruth Manorama (Dr.), Indien
Shabnam Hashmi, Indien
(Sister) Nirmala Joshi, Indien
Swati Chauhan, Indien

Shahindha Ismail, Maldiverna

Saila Ithayaraj, Sri Lanka
Visaka Dharmadasa, Sri Lanka
Basil Fernando, man, Sri Lanka

Binda Pandey, Nepal
Rita Mahato, Nepal
Sunita Danuwar, Nepal
Chhing Lamu Sherpa, Nepal

Mangala Sharma, Bhutan

Alicia Ye, Kina
Bing Zheng, Kina
Carol Li Rafferty, Kina/USA
Chai Ling, Kina
Cheng Jianping = Wang Yi, Kina
Guixin Yu, Kina
Guo Jianmei, Kina
Hua Zhang, Kina
Hualian Wang, Kina
 Jing Xiong, Kina
Li Tingting = Li Maizi, Kina
Lijia Zhang, Kina
Ling Zhao, Kina
Liu Xia, Kina
Mao Hengfeng, Kina
Nurungul Tohti, Kina
Phuntsog Nyidron, Tibet/Kina
Pun Ngai, Kina
Qionghua Fan, Kina
Susanna Cheung Chui-yung, Kina
Ti-Anna Wang, Kina/Kanada/USA
Tsering Tsomo, Kina/Tibet
Wenqing Zhang, Kina
Yue Chen, Kina
Yuzhen Yin, Kina
Zeng Jinyan, Kina
Zhao Sile, Kina
Zhongxun Liu, Kina
Ai Weiwei, man, Kina
Chen Guangchen, man, Kina
Dalai Lama XIV (Tenzin Gyatzo), man, Tibet/Kina
Dianmin Wang, Kina
Ding Zilin, Kina
Gao Yu, Kina
Guirong Tian, Kina
Guo Feixiong = Yang Maodong, man, Kina
Harry Wu, man, Kina


Li Tete, Kina
Liao Xiaoyi, (=Sheri Liao), Kina
Lihua Xie, Kina
Liu Xiaobo, man, Kina
Margaret Chan, Kina/Kanada
Rebiya Kadeer, Kina/Xinjiang
Wang Zheng, Kina
Xu Zhiyong, man, Kina
Yang E, Kina
Ying Ning, Kina
Youyou Tu, Kina
Yuan Feng, Kina

Lo Sai ”Rose” Wu, Hong Kong

Jason Chao, man, Macau

Eunsun Kim, Nordkorea
Jean H. Lee, Nordkorea
Yeonmi Park (=Park Yeon-mi), Nordkorea
Shin Dong-hyuk, man, Nordkorea

Yu-Jin Jeong, Sydkorea
Geum-Soon Yoon, Sydkorea
Heisoo Shin, Sydkorea
Kang We-suck, man, Sydkorea
Yanghee Lee, Sydkorea

Aya Kamikawa, Japan
Beniko Hashimoto, Japan
Hiroko Masuhara, Japan
Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Japan
Sayaka Osakabe, Japan
Seiko Bodios Ohashi, Japan
Shihoko Fujiwara, Japan
Kazuko Ito, Japan
Kumiko Yokoi, Japan
Suzuyo Takazato, Japan
Yoko Hayashi, Japan
Yoko Ono, Japan

Kao Chin Su-mei, Taiwan
Sheng Hsin Chou, Taiwan
Ku Yu Jane, Taiwan

Kaberi Gayen, Bangladesh
Nadina Haq, Bangladesh
Nanda Rani Das, Bangladesh
Rafiza Begum, Bangladesh
Rahela Khatun, Bangladesh
Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Bangladesh
Sufia Khatun, Bangladesh
Supriti Dhar, Bangladesh
Tahmima Anam, Bangladesh/Storbritannien
Taslima Nasreen (Nasrin), Bangladesh
Wasfia Nazreen, Bangladesh
Ameerah Haq, Bangladesh
Angela Gomes, Bangladesh
Asha Lata (Ashalata) Baidya, Bangladesh
Monowara Begum Monu, Bangladesh
Muhammad Yunus, man, Bangladesh

Julia Marip, Burma
K’nyaw Paw (Nimrod), Burma
(Nang) Charm Tong, Burma
Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma
Cynthia Maung, Burma

Jiranun Sakultangphaisal, Thailand
Nasae Yapa, Thailand
Preeyanan Lorsermvattana, Thailand
Sirikan ”June” Charoensiri, Thailand
Angkhana Neelaphaijit, Thailand
Prateep Ungsongtham (Hata), Thailand

Boualaphet Chounthavong, Laos
Layvanh Phanludeth, Laos

Oung Chanthol, Kambodja
Kek Galabru, Kambodja
Prak Sokhany, Kambodja

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, (”Mother Mushroom”), Vietnam
Pham Thanh Nghien, Vietnam
Ta Phong Tân, Vietnam
Tran Thi Lanh, Vietnam
Bui Thi Dung, Vietnam
Dao Thi Bich Van, Vietnam
Doan Viet Hoat, man, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Binh, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Thâp, Vietnam

(Ana Theresia) ”Risa” Hontiveros(-Baraquel), Filippinerna
Cathy Salucon (Catherine Dannug-Salucon), Filippinerna
Loren Legarda, Filippinerna
Myla Jabilles Leguro, Filippinerna
Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman, Filippinerna
Loreta Navarro-Castro, Filippinerna
Marie Hilao-Enriquez, Filippinerna
Miriam Coronel Ferrer, Filippinerna
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Filippinerna
Walden Bello, man, Filippinerna

Low Ngai Yuen, Malaysia
Chee Yoke Ling, Malaysia
Martin Khor, man, Malaysia
Zainah Anwar, Malaysia

Wong Ting Hway, Singapore
Noeleen Heyzer, Singapore/USA/Storbritannien

Datin Intan (fullständigt: Datin Paduka Hajah Intan binti Hj Mohd Kassim), Brunei

Aleta Baun (”Mama Leta”), Indonesien
Dewi Rana Amir, Indonesien
Dita Indah Sari, Indonesien
Farha Ciciek, Indonesien
Galuh Wandita, Indonesien
Henny Yudea, Indonesien
Hilda Djulaida Rolobessy, Indonesien
Kamala (Nana) Chandrakirana, Indonesien
Lily Djenaan, Indonesien
Linda Christanty, Indonesien
Lita Anggraini, Indonesien
Mariamah Achmad, Indonesien
Nani Zulminarni, Indonesien
Paula Makabory, Indonesien
Samsidar, Indonesien
Svida Alisjahbana, Indonesien
Valentina Sagala, Indonesien
Abi Kusno Nachran, man, Indonesien
Brigitta Renyan, Indonesien
Esthi Susanti Hudiono, Indonesien
“Ita” Haryono (Martadinata Haryono), Indonesien
Dr. (Siti) Musdah Mulia, Indonesien
Nursyahbani Katjasungkana, Indonesien
Suprayoga Hadi, man, Indonesien
Yosepha Alomang, Indonesien
Zohra Andi Baso, Indonesien

Maria Manuela Perreira, Östtimor



Ann-Marie Williams, Belize

Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala
Maria Pacheco, Guatemala
Rigoberta Menchú (Tum), Guatemala

María Esperanza Ortega, El Salvador
Maria Teresa Tula, El Salvador

Albertina García Argueta, Honduras
Bertha Oliva Guiffaro de Nativí, Honduras

Eulalia González Orozco, Nicaragua
Violeta Delgado (Violeta Vanesa Delgado Sarmiento), Nicaragua

Christiana Figueres, Costa Rica
Óskar Arias Sánchez, man, Costa Rica

Rita Vásquez, Panama
Alma Montenegro de Fletcher, Panama

Alicia Wallace, Bahamas

Aleida Guevara, Kuba
(Lazara) Lizette Vila (Espina), Kuba
Maria del Carmen Pérez Hernandez, Kuba

Choc’late Allen, Jamaica/Trinidad & Tobago
Marjorie Prentice Saunders, Jamaica

Ann-Valerie Milfort, Haiti/Belgien
Loune Viaud, Haiti
Pierre Espérance, man, Haiti

Faride Raful, Dominikanska Republiken
Juana Ferrer, Dominikanska Republiken
Josephina Stubbs, Dominikanska Republiken

Genevieve Whitaker, Amerikanska Jungfruöarna

Nilda Medina-Diaz, Puerto Rico

Nicholas Shaxson, man, Storbritannien/Brittiska Jungfruöarna och Caymanöarna

Christiane Taubira, Franska Guyana

Marcella Liburd, Sankt Kitts och Nevis

Zahra Airall, Antigua och Barbuda

Ramona Biholar, Dominica

Kenita Placide, Saint Lucia

Nicole Sylvester, Sankt Vincent och Grenadinerna

Hazel Magdalene King, Barbados

Richie Maitland, man, Grenada

Vindra Amar, Trinidad och Tobago



Aaju Peter, Grönland

Frida Rós Valdimarsdóttir, Island

Gunhild (Anker) Stordalen, Norge
Åsne Guldahl Seierstad, Norge

Parul Sharma, Sverige
Fadime Sahindal, Sverige/Turkiet
Olof Palme, man, Sverige

Minna Knus-Galán, Finland
Tarja Halonen, Finland

Sherin Khankan, Danmark/Syrien/Finland
Widad Akrawi (=Widad Akreyi, = Dr. Widad), Danmark/Irak

Fiona Lloyd-Davies, Storbritannien
Jo Wilding, Storbritannien
Katharine Gun, Storbritannien
Mairead (Corrigan) Maguire, Storbritannien
Rob Hopkins, man, Storbritannien
Sir David Attenborough, man, Storbritannien

John Christensen, man, Jersey (Storbritannien)

Caoimhe Butterly, Irland
Mary Robinson, Irland

Ana Sofia Fernandes, Portugal
António Guterres, man, Portugal
Inês Fontinha, Portugal

Klaudia Álvarez, Spanien
Maite Pagazaurtundúa, Spanien
Mar Cabra, Spanien
Mireia Uranga Arakistain, Spanien
Pablo Iglesias (Turrión), man, Spanien

Julian Vila Coma, man Andorra

Cécile Duflot, Frankrike
Juliette Binoche, Frankrike
Justine Duby, Frankrike (?)
José Bové, man, Frankrike
Linda Weil-Curiel, Frankrike
Solange Fernex, Frankrike

Hilde Haneuse Heye, Monaco

Freya Van den Bossche, Belgien
Meyrem Almaci, Belgien
Chantal Mouffe, Belgien

Philippe Schockweiler, man, Luxemburg

Michelle Jonker-Argueta, Nederländerna
Rebecca Gomperts, Nederländerna
Willemijn Verloop, Nederländerna

Angelika Hild, Tyskland
Cathrin Schauer, Tyskland
Judith Brand, Tyskland
Seyran Ates, Tyskland/Turkiet
Barbara Gladysch, Tyskland
Heffa Schücking, Tyskland
Monika Gerstendörfer, Tyskland
Petra Kelly, Tyskland

Jean Ziegler, man, Schweiz
Monika Hauser, Schweiz/Italien/Tyskland

Aurelia Frick, Liechtenstein

Monica Frassoni, Italien
Nicoletta Dentico, Italien
Viola Carofalo, Italien
Elena Bonometti, Italien
Luisa Morgantini, Italien
Roberto Saviano, man, Italien

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Malta

Franciskus (påve), man, Vatikanstaten/Argentina

Francesca Michelotti, San Marino

Eva Glawischnig (-Pieszek), Österrike
Marion Thuswald, Österrike

Markéta Mottlová, Tjeckien
Vaclav Havel, man, Tjeckien
Vera Vohlidalova, Tjeckien

Jana Cvikova, Slovakien
Daniela Hivesova-Silanova, Slovakien

Agnieszka Grzybek, Polen
Andzelika Borys, Polen
Kazimiera Szczuka, Polen
Iwona Piatek, Polen

Marianne Meiorg, Estland

Tatjana Zdanoka, Lettland
Nils Muiznieks, man, Lettland/USA

Biruté Sabatauskaité, Litauen
Irena Veisaité, Litauen

Natalya Radina, Vitryssland
Svetlana Aleksijevitj, Vitryssland

Anna Hutsol, Ukraina
Oleksandra Matviychuk, Ukraina
Olya Melen, Ukraina
Alla Yaroshinskaya, Ukraina
Oksana Horbunova, Ukraina

Emir-Usein Kuku, man, Krim/Sevastopol (Ukraina)

Alina Radu, Moldavien
Natalia (Snegur-)Gherman, Moldavien

Olga Purakhina, Transnistrien

Cristina Guseth, Rumänien
Monica Macovei, Rumänien
Soknan Han Jung, Rumänien/Sydkorea/USA

Szilvia S. Kallai, Ungern
Viktória Mohácsi, Ungern
Gabor Gombos, man, Ungern

Anica Mikus (Kos), Slovenien
Svetlana Slapsak, Slovenien/Serbien

Ana Raffai, Kroatien
Slavenka Drakulic, Kroatien (/Sverige)

Dunja Mijatovic, Bosnien-Hercegovina
Nadja Halilbegovich, Bosnien-Hercegovina

Janja Bec (Neumann), Serbien
Natasa Kandic, Serbien

Stasa Zajovic, Montenegro/Serbien

Fatmire Feka, Kosovo

Xheni Karaj, Albanien
Moder Teresa, Albanien/Makedonien

Ermira Mehmeti, Makedonein
Jasmina Golubovska, Makedonien

 Albena Simeonova, Bulgarien
Dr. Filka Sekulova, Bulgarien

Katerina Kitidi, Grekland
Giorgos Kallis, man, Grekland
Maria Makrogianni, (”Mama Maria of Samos”), Grekland



Joanne Liu, Kanada
Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Kanada
Evelyn Forget, Kanada
Maude Barlow, Kanada

Bani Dugal, USA/Indien
Cheri Honkala, USA
Christine Ahn, USA
Jacqueline Novogratz, USA
Jamila Raqib, USA
Kandi Mossett, USA
Kshama Sawant, USA
Loung Ung, USA/Kambodja
Malika Sanders, USA
Maryam Elahi, USA
Michele Mitchell, USA
Osprey Orielle Lake, USA
Serena Williams, USA
Tarana Burke, USA
Yifat Susskind, USA?
Zainab Salbi, USA/Irak/Storbritannien
Amy Goodman, USA
Angela Davis, USA
Betty Burkes, USA
Edward Snowden, man, USA
Elizabeth ”Betita” Martínez, USA, 1925-
Henry A. Wallace, man, USA
Jill Stein, USA
Joanna (Rogers) Macy, USA
Jody Williams, USA

Kate Donnelly, USA, Kate Donnelly är en ekofeminist och aktivist som arbetar för ickevåld och social förändring, hon är också med i antikrigsrörelsen i USA, se 200 författare!!!

Linda Burnham, USA
Martin Luther King Jr, man, USA
Medea Benjamin, USA
Molly Melching, USA/Senegal
Oren Lyons, man, USA
Swanee Hunt, USA

Anabel Hernández, Mexiko
Andréa Medina Rosas, Mexiko
Carmen Aristegui, Mexiko
Marcela Turati, Mexiko
Mariana Mancilla, Mexiko
Paulina Vega (Gonzalez), Mexiko
Sara Lovera López, Mexiko
Sylvia Aguilera Garcia, Mexiko
Diego Enrique Osorno, man, Mexiko
Digna Ochoa, Mexiko
Martha Fernanda Sánchez Soler, Mexiko
Subcomandante Marcos (enligt Mexikos regering är hans riktiga namn Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente), man, Mexiko



Tulsi Gabbard, Amerikanska Samoa/USA

Gabriela Ngirmang, Palau

Shinobu Mailo Poll, Mikronesiens federerade stater

Carmen Bigler, Marshallöarna

Anne Kajir, Papua Nya Guinea
Freda Talao, Papua Nya Guinea

Mina Taherkhani, Nauru

Apollonia Bola Talo, Salomonöarna

Milikini Failautusi, Tuvalu

Teresia Teaiwa, Kiribati/Fiji

Paddy Walker, Cooköarna/Nya Zeeland

Maire-Bopp Allport Dupont, Fr. Polynesien/Tahiti

Dr. Emma Leslie, Australien/Kambodja
Kirstie Parker, Australien
Megan Davis, Australien
Rosalind Croucher, Australien

Hilda Lini , Vanuatu

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, Fiji

Fiame Naomi Mataafa, Samoa

Betty Blake, Tonga

Alyn Ware, man, Nya Zeeland
Helen Clark, Nya Zeeland



Hilda Liria Domicó Bailarín, Colombia
Libia Grueso, Colombia
Nubia Castañeda Bustamante, Colombia
Jahel Quiroga (Carrillo), Colombia
Yolanda Becerra Vega, Colombia

Hugo Chávez, man, Venezuela
Liliana Ortega (Mendoza), Venezuela
María Inmaculada Lacarra Cabrerizo, Venezuela
Nora Castañeda, Venezuela

Jewel Collier-Swan, Guyana

Ellen-Rose Kambel, Surinam

Ani Phoebe Hao, Brasilien
Eloisa Samy, Brasilien
Givânia Maria da Silva, Brasilien, 1966-
Joênia Wapixana (tidigare Joênia Batista de Carvalho), Brasilien
Kaori Ota Cabrera, Brasilien
Letícia Sabatella, Brasilien
Néria Lúcio Buzatto, Brasilien
Renata Koch Alvarenga, Brasilien
Sandra Gomes Melo, Brasilien
Sueli Pereira Pini, Brasilien
Chico Mendes, man, Brasilien
Chico Whitaker, man, Brasilien
Concita Maia, Brasilien
Creuza Maria Oliveira, Brasilien
Luci Teresinha Choinacki, Brasilien
Maria José de Oliveira Araújo, Brasilien
Marina Silva, Brasilien
Monica Picavea, Brasilien
Vitoria da Riva Carvalho, Brasilien
Zilda Arns (Neumann), Brasilien

Gabriela Rivadeneira, Ecuador
Gina Godoy, Ecuador
Marcela Aguiñaga, Ecuador

Carmen Rosa Campos Mendoza, Peru
Máxima Acuña, Peru
Gina Vargas, (Virginia ”Gina” Vargas Valente), Peru
Hilaria Supa (Huamán), Peru

Kiyomi Nagumo, Bolivia
Domitila Barrios de Chungara, Bolivia
Evo Morales, man, Bolivia

Cynthia Bendlin, Paraguay
Maggiorina Balbuena, Paraguay

Belela Herrera, Uruguay
María Elena Curbelo Morales, Uruguay

Camila Vallejo, Chile
José Zalaquett, man, Chile
Viviana Diaz (Viviana Elisa Díaz Caro), Chile

Laura Alonso, Argentina
Maria Gabriela Hoch, Argentina
Marina Walker (Guevara), Argentina
Martín Caparrós, man, Argentina
Olga del Valle Márquez de Arédez, Argentina

Nora Cortinas, Falklandsöarna//Storbritannien/Argentina



    1. Alf Hornborg, Sverige.
    2. Andreas Malm, Sverige.
    3. Andreas von Bülow, Tyskland.
    4. Ann Ighe, Sverige.
    5. Ann Lagerström, Sverige.
    6. Anna Politkovskaja, Ryssland.
    7. Anna Wigenmark, Sverige.
    8. Annie Hellquist, Sverige.
    9. Annika Forsberg, Sverige.
    10. Arne Naess, Norge.
    11. Arundhati Roy, Indien.
    12. Assata Shakur, USA.
    13. Astrid Lindgren, Sverige.
    14. Bastian Obermayer, Tyskland.
    15. Bell Hooks, USA.
    16. Bengt Hubendick, Sverige.
    17. Benjamin Hoff.
    18. Bill Jordan
    19. Bim Clinell
    20. Birger Schlaug, Sverige.
    21. Björn Forsberg, Sverige.
    22. Björn Kumm, Sverige.
    23. Caroline Myss, USA.
    24. Chalmers Johnson, USA.
    25. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigeria.
    26. Christina Doctare, Sverige.
    27. Christina Wahldén, Sverige.
    28. Dag Hammarskjöld, Sverige.
    29. Dalai Lama XIV (Tibet/Kina).
    30. Dan Svensson, Sverige.
    31. David Icke, Storbritannien.
    32. David Jonstad, Sverige.
    33. David Rothkopf
    34. Delvin Arsan, Syrien/Sverige.
    35. Edda Manga, Sverige.
    36. Elena Filatova
    37. Elinor Ostrom
    38. Elisabet Hermodsson, Sverige.
    39. Ellen Hodgson Brown, USA.
    40. Eqbal Ahmad, Pakistan.
    41. Erich Fromm, Tyskland.
    42. Erich Scheurmann, Tyskland.
    43. Erik Dammann, Norge.
    44. Erik S. Reinert, Norge.
    45. Eva Joly, Norge/Frankrike.
    46. Eva-Lotta Hultén, Sverige.
    47. Frances Moore Lappé
    48. Francisco Contreras
    49. Gabriel Zucman, Frankrike.
    50. Geir Lundestad
    51. Gerd Johnsson-Latham
    52. Gisela Linde, Sverige.
    53. Gitta Sereny
    54. Glenn Greenwald
    55. Gloria Gallardo
    56. Gunilla Ander, Sverige.
    57. Gunnar Sundberg, Sverige
    58. Gunnar Wall, Sverige.
    59. Gunni Nordström, Sverige.
    60. Günter Wallraff, Tyskland.
    61. Göran Bäckstrand, Sverige.
    62. Göran Greider, Sverige.
    63. Göran Hjort, Sverige.
    64. Hanna Sundin, Sverige.
    65. Hans Rosling, Sverige.
    66. Harald Ofstad, Norge.
    67. Helena Norberg-Hodge, USA.
    68. Helle Larssen, Sverige.
    69. Henrik Westander, Sverige.
    70. Hilkka Pietilä, Finland.
    71. Hillevi Helmfrid, Sverige.
    72. Immanuel Wallerstein
    73. James Robertson, Storbritannien.
    74. Jan Grönholm, Sverige.
    75. Janet Biehl, USA.
    76. Janine di Giovanni, USA.
    77. Javeria Rizvi
    78. Jean Bricmont, Belgien.
    79. Jennie Dielemans, Sverige.
    80. Jens Ergon, Sverige.
    81. Jeremy Scahill
    82. Joe Sacco
    83. Johan Asplund, Sverige.
    84. Johan Ehrenberg, Sverige.
    85. Johan Galtung, Norge.
    86. Johan von Schreeb, Sverige.
    87. John Lapidus, Sverige.
    88. John J. Mearsheimer
    89. John Pilger, Australien.
    90. Jon Weman, Sverige.
    91. Joyce Kolko, USA.
    92. Julia Lundberg.
    93. Julie Flint
    94. Jung Chang, Kina.
    95. Jutta Kill
    96. Kajsa Borgnäs, Sverige.
    97. Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Sverige.
    98. Kalle Holmqvist, Sverige.
    99. Karen Armstrong, Storbritannien.
    100. Karin Frejarö, Sverige.
    101. Karin Utas Carlsson, Sverige.
    102. Kathy Kelly, USA.
    103. Katrine Kielos, Sverige.
    104. Kenneth Hermele, Sverige.
    105. Kerry Kennedy
    106. Kerstin Lundell, Sverige.
    107. Klaus Werner, Tyskland.
    108. Laurie Penny
    109. Lena Sundström, Sverige.
    110. Leonard C. Lewin, USA.
    111. Leymah Gbowee, Liberia.
    112. Linda Hirshman
    113. Linda Melvern, Storbritannien/Wales.
    114. Linn Spross
    115. Lisa Fredriksson, Sverige.
    116. Liv Strömquist, Sverige.
    117. Lydia Cacho, Mexiko.
    118. M. Scott Peck, USA.
    119. Malcolm Gladwell
    120. Malin Olofsson, Sverige.
    121. Margrit Kennedy, Tyskland.
    122. Maria Carbin, Sverige.
    123. Maria Modig, Sverige.
    124. Maria Nowak, Frankrike/Polen.
    125. Maria Sveland, Sverige.
    126. Maria Wendt, Sverige.
    127. Maria Wetterstrand, Sverige.
    128. Marianne Eriksson, Sverige.
    129. Marianne Påsse, Sverige.
    130. Maria-Pia Boëthius, Sverige.
    131. Marilyn French, USA.
    132. Marlo Morgan
    133. Martha C. (Craven) Nussbaum, USA.
    134. Martina Andersson GeddaMelanie Joy
    135. Mats Friberg, Sverige.
    136. Mats Wingborg, Sverige.
    137. Maud Johansson, Sverige.
    138. Michael Moore, USA.
    139. Mikael Malmaeus, Sverige.
    140. Mikael Nyberg, Sverige.
    141. Mikael von Knorring.
    142. Miriam von Schantz, Sverige.
    143. Mona Nilsson, Sverige.
    144. Murray Bookchin, USA.
    145. Naomi Klein, Kanada.
    146. Natacha López, Sverige.
    147. Natalie Gerami, Sverige.
    148. Nawal El Saadawi, Egypten.
    149. Nicholas D. Kristof
    150. Nina Björk, Sverige.
    151. Nina Karin Monsen
    152. Noam Chomsky, USA.
    153. Noreena Hertz, Storbritannien.
    154. Oksana Mont
    155. Ole Jensen, Danmark.
    156. Owe Wikström, Sverige.
    157. Owen Jones, Storbritannien.
    158. Patricia Tudor-Sandahl, Sverige.
    159. Paul Mason
    160. Paulina de los Reyes, Sverige.
    161. Pernilla Malmer, Sverige.
    162. Peter Singer, Australien.
    163. Pål Steigan, Norge.
    164. Ralph Monö, Sverige.
    165. Razan Ghazzawi, Syrien/USA.
    166. Rebecca Solnit, USA.
    167. Riane Eisler, USA.
    168. Richard Wilkinson,
    169. Robert Nyberg, Sverige
    170. Robert Parry, USA.
    171. Rolf Edberg, Sverige.
    172. Russell Brand, Storbritannien.
    173. Samar Yazbek, Syrien.
    174. Samira Ariadad, Sverige.
    175. Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Kanada.
    176. Sigmund Kvalöy Setreng, Norge.
    177. Simon Reid-Henry
    178. Somaly Mam, Kambodja.
    179. Stefan de Vylder, Sverige.
    180. Stefan Einhorn, Sverige.
    181. Steven Reiss
    182. Stina Karltun, Sverige.
    183. Susan George, Frankrike.
    184. Susanne Lundin, Sverige.
    185. Sven Lindqvist, Sverige.
    186. Sören Ventegodt, Danmark.
    187. Theo Colborn, USA.
    188. Thomas Hammarberg, Sverige.
    189. Thomas Mathiesen, Norge
    190. Thomas Piketty, Frankrike.
    191. Tim Jackson, Storbritannien.
    192. Torbjörn Tännsjö, Sverige.
    193. Vandana Shiva, Indien.
    194. Viviane Forrester, Frankrike.
    195. Vladislav Savic, Sverige.
    196. Waris Dirie, Somalia.
    197. William Blum, USA.
    198. Ylva Lundin, Sverige.
    199. Ylva Lundkvist, Sverige.
    200. Åsa Linderborg, Sverige.


200 författare – Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi, Egypten, 1931-,  feminist, författare, politisk aktivist, läkare och psykiatriker, hon har bland annat skrivit böcker kring kvinnor och islam, inte minst om kvinnlig könsstympning och hon har mottagit ett flertal priser för sin kamp för mänskliga rättigheter och kvinnors rättigheter i Egypten och arabvärlden.

Nawal El Saadawi

200 författare – Waris Dirie

Waris Dirie, Somalia, 1965-, Waris Dirie är en modell, skådespelerska, författare och social aktivist och hon var specialambassadör för FN mellan 1997-2003, 1997 lämnade hon sin karriär som modell och engagerade sig mot kvinnlig könsstympning och har grundat en fond som ser till att höja medvetenheten kring risker med kvinnlig könsstympning, hon har även startat en fond som samlar pengar till skolor och hälsokliniker i Somalia, dessutom stödjer hon en fond som arbetar för en hållbar utveckling.

Waris Dirie

200 författare – Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly, USA, 1952-, fredsaktivist/pacifist, organisationen Voices for Creative Nonviolence, har tillsammans med andra aktivister protesterat mot USA:s militära krig i Gaza, Libanon, Bosnien, Nicaragua, Afghanistan och Irak, har suttit i fängelse vid några tillfällen för sina protester mot militären i USA, vägrar att betala skatt till militärutgifter och har därför inte betalat federal skatt sedan 1980, se bland annat sidan 435 i boken ”Att samtala fram en ny värld”. Författare.

Kathy Kelly