My dream team

As a football nerd it’s fun to build up a dream team. ”Players” with the characteristics needed at each position on a football pitch. With full staff and leadership all around the team.

In total, I have gathered 50 global role models here, which make up my dream team. If we study and learn from the individuals in this team, we can mature as human beeings and together solve the problems that we’re now facing in the world, this is my faith and my hope. We will be unbeatable and therefore overcome all our opponents who impedes the development of ”As good as possible for as many as possible”. And contribute to a world we can believe in, in a deeper sense.

Here’s how I think about the team:

  • A dazzling initial lineup (11 role models)
  • Powerful reserves, competing for place in the first eleven (22 role models)
  • Personal trainers (11 role models)
  • Head coach (1 role model)
  • Assistant coaches (5 role models)
  • The team has the lineup 1 – 4 – 3 – 3. Goalkeeper – defenders, midfielders and forwards.


  1. Goalkeeper

Which characteristics am I looking for in my goalkeeper?

  • The goalkeeper is an important part of the team, the basic ground, the backbone. What basic ground do humanity need? I’d say it’s very much about feeling safe. Too many people in the world are lacking this security. Mostly women. Therefore we need a goalkeeper that protects these rights. With strength and intelligence.


First choice: Waris Dirie, Somalia



Second choice: Rebecca Lolosoli, Kenya


Third choice: Usha Narayane, India



2. Defenders

Which characteristics am I looking for in my defenders?

  • People who defend things necessary to live ”a good life”. Human rights in general. Women’s rights. Childrens Rights. Sustainable Development.
  • As right defender, I envisage representatives of ”good” organizations that strive to defend basic human rights. Like, for example, the UN, which has worked out conventions on human rights and works globally to implement them. Like Amnesty, FIAN and Doctors Without Borders, who work for human rights in different ways. Like Friends of the Earth, who work for a sustainable world.
  • As a mid defender/libero, I think we need someone who represent law and order. Which defends the individual’s right to a good life. Human rights lawyers. Especially those who have chosen to defend particularly vulnerable groups, such as women in patriarchal structures.
  • As a marking defender, I think we need a person who reviews our world and highlight when some groups of people are maltreated. Which persistently reveals power structures and oppressive structures and highlight exploitation in daylight. It can be profound journalists. Or writers or other social thinkers and debaters. Or whistleblowers.
  • As left defender, I search for persons who defend certain categories of people who otherwise may not meet their needs. It can be ethnic minorities. Handicapped. Women’s and childrens’s rights in cultures where traditional customs are stronger than basic human rights. Etc. etc.

2a. Right defender

First choice : Anna Neistat, Russia


Second choice: Sofía Monsalve Suárez, Germany/Colombia

Born in 1969. Colombian until 2002, from there on german citizen.

Secretary General in FIAN – Foodfirst Information and Action Network.


Third choice: Karin Nansen, Uruguay


2b. Mid defender/libero

First choice: Hauwa Ibrahim, Nigeria

Second choice: Sandra Gomes Melo, Brazil


Third choice: Shadi Sadr, Iran


2c. Marking defender

First choice: Lydia Cacho, Mexico

Second choice: Rana Husseini, Jordan


Third choice: Edward Snowden, USA


2d. Left defender

First choice: Neema Namadamu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Second choice: Nadia Murad, Iraq

Third choice: Kanako Otsuji, Japan


3. Midfielders

Which characteristics am I looking for in my midfielders?

  • I want to have three persons in my inner midfield, first a defensive balance player who represents safety and security when the opponents attack. Then a strategist, a creative playmaker that participates a lot in the game. finally an offensive midfielder, a strong force that push the limits forward.
  • As balance player, I look for people who work for peaceful, inclusive communities. People who have, with courage and integrity, influenced the situation of countries, from war or other disruptive activities to a better society where there is ”balance” and people feel safe. It may be extraordinary persons who have done this, or perhaps significant politicians or other rulers who through their position have greatly contributed to a positive development.
  • As a strategist, I seek people who, with their thinking and visionary ability, have influenced people in a wiser direction. It may be economists who highlight alternative macro models of the economy that could better solve the problems the world faces, such as world poverty, the distortion of wealth and the exploitation of natural resources. It can also be representatives of the global justice movement, which strives for ”another world”, a better world – not least for those who have a hard time. Often it is an author – who has presented her vision, her model in literary form and thus shown us others in different ways of thinking.
  • As an offensive prod, I seek people who, with stubbornness and charisma, fight particularly difficult exploitation. This applies to female genital mutilation, to trafficking, to child soldiers and to similar brutal degradation of women and children.


3a. Balance player

First choice: Leymah Gbowee, Liberia


Second choice: Binalakshmi Nepram, India


Third choice: Valentina Sagala, Indonesia


3b. Strategist, playmaker

First choice: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, USA


Second choice: Kate Raworth, United Kingdom


Third choice: Yuan Yang, China/United Kingdom


3c. Offensive midfielder

First choice: Loujain al-Hathloul, Saudiarabia


Second choice: Somaly Mam, Kambodja


Third choice: Rebecca Gomperts, Netherlands


4. Forwards

Which characteristics am I looking for in my forwards?

A powerful attack is important. Players who with their charisma affect millions of people. Strong persons who show us that ”Of course it is possible”. Individuals who step forward with confidence and give all of us hope and inspiration.

As a right wing, I want a character who represents sustainable development.

As a center forward, I want to see outstanding persons, who are like a rubble that forces the opponents’ defense.

As a left wing, I want players who represent education. Not least education for people who have been denied education of oppressive structures.


4a. Right wing

First choice: Greta Thunberg, Sweden

Second choice: Rob Hopkins, United Kingdom

Third choice: Dr. Filka Sekulova, Bulgaria


4b. Center forward

First choice: Serena Williams, USA


Second choice: Alaa Murabit, Libya/Canada


Third choice: Nayla al-Khaja, United Arab Emirates


4c. Left wing

First choice: Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan

Second choice: Neema Mgana, Tanzania


Third choice: Charm Tong, Burma




Which characteristics am I looking for in my trainers and leaders?

Experienced people who, through a long life filled with significant good efforts, served as great role models for considerable parts of humanity.

Personal trainers (11)


(goalkeepers coach)



Yoke Ling Chee, Malaysia (right defenders coach)


Guo Jianmei, China (libero coach)


Marina Walker Guevara, Argentina (marking defenders coach)



Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemala (left defenders coach)


Joy Ada Onyesoh, Nigeria (balance players coach)



Naomi Klein, Canada (playmakers coach)


Najat Maalla M’jid, Morocco (offensive midfielders coach)


Loren Legarda, Philippines (right wings coach)


Juliette Binoche (centers coach)


Dr. Unity Dow, Botswana (left wings coach)



HEAD COACH and leader staff (6)

Head coach: Dr Denis Mukwege, Democratic Republic of Congo

One last outpost that stands strong as a furrow in the wind. When it gets cold, there are people who stand up for the good, who help the weak and vulnerable. War, brutal repression, exploitation, then we need role models beyond the ordinary. Persons with courage beyond imagination whom radiate irrepressible power. Dr Mukwege is a true rock.


Assistant coaches:

Liv Strömquist, Sweden

Tran Thi Lanh, Vietnam


Roshaneh Zafar, Pakistan


Evo Morales, Bolivia


Sherin Khankan, Denmark



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